Chikankari is a traditional art of embroidering on different pieces of fabrics and textiles ranging from cotton, silk to georgette. The origin of Chikankari embroidery can be traced back to the craftsmanship of Lucknow which has transcended geographical and generational boundaries. Crafted with a high degree of precision and meticulousness, the chikankari embroidered suits are the hallmark of Indian heritage. Moreover, the art of Chickankari has become an intrinsic part of Indian traditional clothing such that the chikankari embroidered suit has become one of the favourite choices of Indian women. So, let’s explore the art and magic of chikankari embroidery suits.



One of the most renowned stitches, jaali stitch suits are weaved in such a manner that the back portion of the kurti remains as perfect as the front one. There are many designs of jaali stitch chikankari suits, ranging from straight kurti to embroidered Anarkali suits. The threads are woven with minute details, making the suit impeccable from both sides. Chikan embroidered suits with jali stitches have become a popular choice of women for daily wear. Moreover, the elegant jaali stitches also make these suits appropriate for formal or office wear.


One of the unique embroidery styles, Bakhiya stitch is a work of art that requires chikan design work woven from the wrong or back side of the kurti. Due to this, the actual design appears as a shadow through the right or front side of the kurti. The bakhiya stitch requires utmost precision, making the fabric no less than a piece of art.


An elaborate and delicate stitch, rahet stitch is used to create chikan embroidered suits that are light as well as elegant. The use of intricate designs and borders on the cuffs, necklines, and hemlines of chikan kurtis makes the rahet stitch impeccable. This stitch is used on different types of fabrics, like chiffon, muslin and organza, to name a few. Due to its precision and delicacy in creating difficult patterns., chikan embroidered suits with rahet stitches are one of the most challenging works of art. 


In the last couple of decades, chikankari embroidered suits with zari stitches have become very famous, making the stitch a common pattern in a variety of clothing ranging from suit sets to sarees to even western tops. One thing that distinguishes zari suits from other types of chikan embroidery stitches is the use of metallic thread. Moreover, the stitch is also used with other stitches to give a glittery and sparkly touch to the fabrics, thereby giving a perfect finish. 


Like any other Indian traditional fabric that relies heavily on flower motifs, the chikan embroidered suits make frequent use of floral motifs that are also known as floral embroidery. With time, the floral motif has expanded to give different shapes and patterns that give a glimpse of the natural world in chikan embroidered suits. The leaves, petals and other details of flower motifs are created through the use of different stitches like chains and satin stitches. 


It is not very difficult to guess the inspiration behind this stitch. The vivid and vibrant national bird of our country has inspired the peacock stitch chicken embroidery. The bold and multicoloured pattern employs the design of different elements of peacocks. The artisans take special care of 3D impressions and delicate intricacies that make the chikan suits with peacock stitch unique as well as elegant.

The list of embroidery stitches mentioned above is not exhaustive. With different themes and motifs, the chikankari embroidery suits give a plethora of choices to wear, without making them boring and redundant. Moreover, every symbol of chikankari embroidery represents a meaning that is deeply connected to Indian culture and craft. Despite getting cut-throat competition from different textiles around the world, chikankari continues to garner attention from people in every corner of the world. Hence, the thriving chikankari embroidery is an embodiment of beauty, grace, and elegance. So, grab a pair of chicken embroidery suits online that will help you in shining out from the crowd. 

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