Winter is here. Well, I am not making you nostalgic about the famous American series GoT, rather it’s a fact that winter has arrived and that too quite early this year. And with the arrival of winter, you need to get ready for the winter essentials that will help you in fighting with winter.  

When talking of essentials, the foremost thing that comes to anyone’s mind is the cosy woollen and cotton Jaipuri razais that we will love to sleep with. And when talking of razais, if you get a combination of beautiful and captivating prints, then apart from making you warm, you can also add feathers to your hat by making your room shine. The hand-block printed Jaipuri razais are one of the most fascinating prints that can make your room elegant. Also, jaipuri razai provides hygiene and protects against specks of dust and allergens.

So, let’s know more about Jaipuri Razai


Widely popular due to its comfort and warmness, jaipuri razai has made a special place not just in India but around the world. Many Indian razai makers export jaipuri razai to different parts of the world. Such is the demand of the jaipuri razais. Let’s look at some of the features of jaipuri razai


  • Ultra Lightweight

One of the most unique features of jaipuri razai that makes it different from all other razai and quilts is that it’s very lightweight. Despite its lightweight, jaipuri razai provides deep warmth and protection against winters. Apart from being lightweight, Jaipuri razai is also very soft and cosy. 

  • Vibrant Motifs

Jaipuri razai is available in many vibrant motifs that make them very beautiful and elegant, and represent the creativity and innovativeness of Indian artisans who can even turn a boring razai into a stunning piece of art. Hence whenever you buy a razai, you don’t buy a winter essential but also an artwork that includes vibrant colors, embroidery,  and motifs like flowers, leaves, scenery, etc.

  • Hand Blocked Printed Razai

Handblock prints are the legacy of Rajasthani art that is carried forward and kept alive by many generations of artisans and even common people. The technique of making this art involves cutting out wooden blocks in many shapes and then colouring them by dipping them into a pool of colours. 

Hand-blocked prints are the unique speciality or a trademark of jaipuri razai. The mesmerising hand block prints coupled with vibrant colours and designs make everyone awe of this traditional art. So, try a hand-block printed jaipuri razai.

  • Reversible

If we say you can get a razai that can be used as two razai then you might not believe us. But with jaipuri razai, you can get a reversible razai that can be used as two razai as both sides have different colors, designs and prints. This way you won’t get bored by using the same design again and again and will have the option to use a new razai just by flipping it.

Now that you know the amazing features of jaipuri razai which makes it very different from other types of razai, you should also know that jaipuri razai are available in some attractive and elegant prints like hand Woven Assortment Razai, hand Loomed Razai, hand block print as already mentioned above. Apart from these prints, there are also other prints that you can find amongst razai like sanganeri print design, Mughlai print or Jaipur mughlai print, to name a few.

With our collection of razai, you no longer have to worry about the winters anymore and rather you can happily welcome it. Our razai is made up of the highest quality of soft woollen fabric and each thread is woven with utmost precision and delicacy, thereby making every piece sublime. Moreover, our collection of razai is also easy to maintain and gives you complete protection from dust and allergens. 

So, buy a couple of woollen razai online from our collection of razai and embrace the winter happily.

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