Deciding what to wear in the office daily can be a herculean task that can surely make your mornings difficult. After all, whatever you decide to wear in the office not only makes a long-lasting impression on your colleagues but also boosts your confidence. Hence, whatever you choose to wear should be formal as well as comfortable. And what’s better than our Indian ethnic dress Kurta that gives a perfect combination of comfort and style? No matter what your body type is, a kurta can surely suit you. Moreover, with the availability of different styles and types of kurtas, you can have a variety of office-wear kurtas in your wardrobe. So, let’s look at some of the trendy and stylish office-wear kurtas for ladies.


  • Straight Kurtas- When it comes to office wear kurtas for ladies, straight kurtas are always the first choice. More than the simplicity that they provide, straight kurtas add a different level of professionalism to your attire. Moreover, they come up in a plethora of colours and designs. From plain colourful straight kurtas to printed ones, you can always choose different kurtas based on your convenience and occasion. And the best part is that straight kurtas are one of the most affordable kurtas that you can have. You can try these kurtas either with leggings, palazzos or even with jeans. 
  • A-Line kurtas- A-line kurtas have garnered the attention of every fashion vogue because of their simplicity and comfort. A-line kurtas are one of the best office wear kurtas for ladies as they are neither too boring nor too shiny and flashy. Moreover, they come in different knee- lengths and fabrics that give you a catena of options to choose from as per your convenience. A-line kurtas can be paired with jeans, churidars, leggings, palazzos or even pants. Although they can be worn in any season, A-line kurtas can be your saviour during the monsoon season as their flowlines can protect you from humidity. 
  • Jacket Style kurtas- The latest jacket-style kurtas in the market have fascinated every woman as they give a Western look to Indian clothing. So, jacket-style kurtas can give you a perfect formal look for your office wear. And the best part is that many jacket-style kurtas come with collars to add professionalism to your looks. Jacket-style kurtas also give many pairing-up options. From simple leggings to jeans to pants, you can mix it up with many options.  

  • Anarkali kurtas- Gone are the days when a heavy Anarkali kurta was an occasional choice that women preferred to wear at festivals. Nowadays, Anarkali kurtas have become a part and parcel of women’s wardrobe, thanks to the light and printed Anarkali kurtas that are available these days. So, you can rely on Anarkali kurtas for your office wear as they can give a combination of traditional as well as formal looks. So, whenever you are bored with formal attire, try an Anarkali to add flavour and colour to your personality. To add more rusticity to your look, you can always pair them with traditional accessories. 
  • Denim kurta- Women who are fond of Western clothes might get sceptical when it comes to wearing kurtas in the office. They may also find the above kurtas a little uncomfortable. For those women, denim kurtas can be a terrific option. Denim kurtas undoubtedly give a Western touch in a traditional costume. Moreover, they never fail to give a professional look. Available in different shades of blue and black, denim kurtas have become a new fashion trend in the market. You can pair them with both leggings and jeans. Due to their thick fabric, denim kurtas can be the best option in winter. 
  1. Bandhani kurtas- We are all in awe of the traditional Rajasthani heritage bandhani print, be it saris or kurtas. From many generations, the globally acclaimed bandhani prints are one of the most revered designs that is withstanding the test of time. You can add bandhani kurtas to your office wardrobe, which will not only add colour and texture to your life but will also add a conventional touch. 
  2. Chikankari kurtas- Just like bandhani print, Chikankari kurtas are timeless kurtas that provide you with an elegant look. Available in different designs, you can choose to always go with a formal Chikankari kurta like a straight one, or even frock size kurtas. They can be paired with churidars, leggings or even jeans. To add more sophistication to your look, you can try some traditional accessories like jhumka or bali. 


Till now you must be convinced that kurtas can be a great option for office wear. They are not just affordable but also professional and convenient. Apart from professionalism, they can also add elegance and class to your personality.  And the best part of wearing a kurta is that it is comfortable in every season. From summer to monsoon to winter, you can always rely on different fabrics of kurtas, and they will not fail to disappoint you. With the above list, you can add many office-wear kurtas to your wardrobe. The list that we have provided above is not exhaustive and you can always look for more options. So, you can either try an office wear kurta from the above list or look out for more options. But the fact that kurtas are one of the best options for office wear for women remains undisputed. 

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