No matter how many varieties of kurtas we have today, the love for traditional, royal and rustic Anarkali suit sets never seems to fade away. Even today, the Anarkali suit set with dupattas continues to make its place in every woman’s wardrobe. These Mughal era, frock styles, kurtas and churidars are a hallmark of South-Asian culture that has withstood the test of time. Irrespective of age and body type, the Anarkali suit set with dupatta gives every woman an elegant look. 

With time, the Anarkali suit has come up with many modifications and is no longer limited to the heavily embroidered sets that were an occasional choice of women. Now, you can find many types of Anarkali suit sets that can be worn at any time or place, from daily wear to party wear to even office wear. So, let’s look at some of the types of Anarkali suits set with dupatta.


  • Gown-style 

The gown-style Anarkali suits are the latest trend in the market that has garnered the attention of every woman.  These floor-length or ankle-length gown style anarkali not only give a royal look but also give us a unique syncretism of the western gown look with the traditional Indian salwar suit dupatta look. To add variety, they come in different patterns and designs. From plain sobered to printed to heavily embroidered, the gown style anarkali is available in a plethora of designs. This elegant dress has become the most preferred choice of women in marriages, family gatherings, and festive occasions. You can pair the gown style anarkali suit with leggings or churidar. However, you can also choose to go without them as these gown-style suits are long enough to cover your ankles and even feet.

  • Jacket style

The jacket-style Anarkali suits have become the latest choice of women who are tired of the heavily embroidered Anarkali suits which can be worn only on certain occasions. As the name suggests, these jacket-style anarkali suits come with a long elegant open jacket that is available in different colours. Unlike heavily embroidered anarkali suits, these jacket-style suits are less heavy and therefore can be worn for a longer time. They are not only suitable for traditional occasions but also parties or gatherings. Moreover, you can also buy a separate floral jacket that can pair up with your old Anarkali suit. Jacket style anarkali suits look great both with or without dupattas. 

  • Cape style

If you are tired of having the same look or if you want to shine differently among the crowd, then the cape-style anarkali suit set with a dupatta is all that you need. These stylish and stunning cape-style Anarkali suits come in a catena of designs with different prints, embroidery, colours and patterns that can give an exquisite touch to your look. This modern outfit, which is a modified version of our rich traditional outfit, can be worn with both churidars and leggings. And to add more craft to your outfit, you can always experiment with different designs and colours of dupattas that can make you look more beautiful and stylish. 

  • Layered style

The layered style Anarkali suits or the asymmetrical cut Anarkali suits set are the latest combination of Western and traditional outfits. With asymmetrical layered style you can have a perfect western look and with floral anarkali design you can always carry your traditional charm. Hence, this combination makes the layered style anarkali suit a perfect dress for traditional functions, western parties or even semi-traditional gatherings with friends and families. You can always select different designs and prints, based on the occasion and can flaunt your hybrid traditional and modern look.

  • Silk Anarkali suit

Silk has remained the legacy of our culture and tradition. From our grandmothers to our mothers to even the women of the present generation, silk fabrics have never gone out of fashion. Just like the different outfits of silk fabric, the silk anarkali suit also gives a graceful and sophisticated look. Be it a heavily embroidered silk suit or a simple designer silk suit, you can always rely on the silk anarkali suit to add a royal touch to your personality. Hence, a silk Anarkali suit with a colourful dupatta is all that you need for your special and auspicious occasions of weddings, festivals or even a party. 

The ageless and timeless Anarkali suit set with dupatta continues to remain the foremost choice of women in not just India but around the world. From Bollywood divas to lady politicians, the Anarkali suit set has acquired a special place in everyone’s heart. Moreover, their affordability has added to their popularity. So, don’t shy away from having a couple of anarkali suits set with dupatta in your closet as they can be a great saviour for last-minute parties and unplanned events. No matter what occasion you are into, this classic dress can surely make you the cynosure of every event.

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