Summer Beauty Hacks: How to Remain Elegant in Summer With Cotton Sets

Summer is undoubtedly one of the most unfavourable seasons that makes us uncomfortable and tired. However, with the right choice of fabric and clothing, one can even beat the scorching sun and can look elegant and gorgeous even in summer. Shocked, right? But with cotton suit sets and kurtis, you can’t just feel comfortable in summer but can also look stunning with different styles and designs. So, buy cotton suit sets online and experience the magic.

Let’s look at some of the amazing cotton suit sets that you can wear in summer and get a forever classy look, anytime and anywhere.




Known for their simplicity and comfort, A-line kurtas are the most common thing to find in every woman’s closet. The cotton A-line suit set is one the best office wear as well as casual wear as it gives a formal look without getting boring. Available in different vibrant colours, a-line suit sets offer a variety of choices to choose from. Moreover, the multiple designs and patterns are the icing on the cake. With or without dupattas, A-line cotton suits will never fail to disappoint you. You can pair these A-line suit sets with palazzo, leggings or even jeans.



From time immemorial, straight-suit sets have acquired a special place in women’s hearts. With different colours and designs, straight kurtis are one of the best choices when looking for professional as well as simple outfits. Moreover, in summer, there can be nothing more comfortable than a simple and light-coloured straight cotton suit. Plus, their lower range of price and affordability act like a cherry on the cake. So, try these straight cotton suits set in summer with different pairs of jeans, jeggings or even churidars.



The jacket-style cotton suits are a blend of traditional and western outfit, that gives a formal look with little taste of modern wear. Although the jacket’s style suits might look uncomfortable in the beginning, however, the light fabric as well as the colours of jackets make them a good choice in summer. The less availability of choices of clothes in summer, often makes one’s dresses mundane and redundant. However, with different jacket-style cotton suits, one can add flavours and variety to the clothes. And the best part is that you can simply buy a couple of jackets that can be matched with different cotton suit sets. Hence, saving both of your time and money.



If you are fond of Indian traditional art and love to reflect it on your clothes but at the same time are afraid to wear heavy embroidery in summer, then a bandhani-style cotton suit set is the best option for you. The timeless bandhani print which is a trademark of Rajasthani heritage gives a feel of traditional touch without any heaviness. They are light and comfortable without any glitter or shine, thereby making them a revered choice for office wear as well as daily wear. To give a more rustic touch to your look, you can try some Indian accessories like bangles and jhumkas.



After bandhani print, if you want to go more for traditional designs, then you can experiment with the elegant and royal chikankari style cotton suit set. Available in a plethora of stitches, the chikankari style comes in both heavy and light designs. Hence, for choosing summer wear, you can select some light chikan stitch cotton suit sets like a floral stitch or jali stitch. A pair of chikankari suit sets will add sophistication to your looks.


Deciding what to wear in summer can be a daunting task, especially at the workplace but with the right choice of clothing, you can turn the gloomy summers into a happening one. So, try the above-mentioned cotton suit sets in summer to get a comfortable summer. Moreover, you can frequently experiment with these kurtis at your workplaces on different occasions, ranging from mundane events to special meetings. Grab a pair of cotton suit sets online and enjoy a carefree summer.

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