Muslin fabric is one of the hallmarks of Indian textiles that showcases Indian ancient, rich and varied heritage. Known for its royalty and luxury, muslin fabric is a type of cotton fabric that is popular for its soft texture and lightweight. The stunning muslin fabric traces its origin to a region in the erstwhile which is at present a part of Bangladesh.

Due to its royal nature and elegance, muslin silk suits are one of the foremost choices of people not just in India but also in South Asia. Despite getting tough competition from other fabrics of traditional clothes and Western dresses, muslin silk suits and muslin Anarkali suits continue to thrive and flourish.

So, let’s look at different types  and categories of Muslin 



As compared to other light muslin fabrics, the sheeting type of fabric is thicker and quite rough. Apart from clothes, sheeting is also used in upholstery and other home furnishing. Due to their plain and simple designs, muslin fabrics are mostly used in muslin plain suits. 


The Swiss muslin comes with a texture of delicacy, softness and wispiness. Swiss fabric also comes with dot patterns like polka dots or other styles which are mostly suitable to wear in summer and monsoon season. 

  • MULL

One of the most delicate and lightweight fabrics, the mull type of muslin stands out amongst different categories of muslin due to its soft texture. The Mull type of muslin fabric is made up of other fabrics like muslin silk fabric muslin cotton fabric or even muslin viscose fabric. The most prominent use of mull fabric is underpinning which helps in giving strength, shape and weight to the outfit and completes the outfit with a final touch.


The gauze category of muslin suits is a very thin and even translucent fabric that can be used in making net-like patterns. The net-like patterns are known for their elegance and royalty and look no less than an original piece of art. To give strength to your gauze-shaped fabric, you can take the help of another muslin fabric which is Swiss muslin. The combination of net patterns in the Anarkali suit set looks impeccable and gives a luxurious look of the medieval ages. 

No matter which fabric you choose, all the textiles showcase the sublimity and finesses of artisans who weave beautiful prints and designs on muslin textiles. 

Muslin suit sets are not merely an outfit or a dress; rather it’s a representation of our immemorial culture that has been passed on to many generations. Even though thousands of years have passed since muslin fabric originated, the quality of muslin textiles has not deteriorated and it has continued to acquire a special place in the hearts of millions of people in the entire Southeast region. 

We provide impeccable and utmost quality muslin cotton fabric suit sets, muslin Anarkali suit sets and muslin silk suits. Crafted with high-level precision, our collection is a representation of the meticulousness of our Indian craftsman and craftswoman. 

So, shop with us and grab a couple of muslin silk suits and muslin Anarkali suits and flaunt your amazing culture with your attire.

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